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Meet The Team

Sara Gould Osteopath

Sara Robinson

Sara trained as a sports massage therapist before completing her degree in Osteopathy. She qualified from the College of Osteopaths, London, in 2007, and is an accredited member of the General Osteopathic Council.  

Sara has since completed many postgraduate courses, with an absolute focus on Chronic Pain. Using her knowledge in this field she has treated many people with pain which has lasted longer than 6 months.  

Besides chronic pain, Sara has undertaken further training in hypermobility, which has lead her to treat many gymnasts, performing artists and those living with hypermobility disorders.  

Sara is very experienced with obstetrics, which means she is able to help many pregnant women, to be able to enjoy their pregnancies pain free.    

Sara also has a passion for Nutrition and how this affects human performance. 


Sara lives locally with her children, and when not working can be found on her yoga mat, hiking or running over the Mendips. 


Amy Warstat

Amy graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in Kent with a Masters in Osteopathy after four years of training. She also has a qualification in dry needling (acupuncture) and sports massage.


Amy uses a variety of treatment types including structural techniques, soft tissue, functional and cranial to treat a range of patients; from infant to the more mature generation as well as treating pregnant and post-natal women. Every treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

Amy lives on Exmoor and enjoys being in the outdoors, walking, riding and cycling in the countryside.

Amy Warstat Osteopath
Ivan Legovicg Osteopath

Ivan Legovich


Ivan graduated from the Italian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine in Italy.

After graduation he completed a course related to the correlation between postural changes and chewing alteration.

In addition to this he also completed a course on postural gymnastics.


Ivan began his career practising in Italy but then decided to move to London to expand his knowledge and skills working at a Chiropractic clinic.


During his time in Italy Ivan also worked as a Crossfit trainer for 6 years.

In his free time he enjoys training, reading and travelling.

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Dot Wright

Kim Herivel

Helen Fellows

Head Receptionist
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