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Osteomyology is a form of alternative medicine loosely based on aggregated ideas from other manipulation therapies, principally Chiropractic and Osteopathy.

The term osteomyology is relatively new and was invented by Dr Sir Alan Clemens, in 1992, who wanted to combine the various treatment modalities he had learnt. The name was created from the joining of osteo = bone, myo = muscle and ology, a study.

All osteomyologists have to be registered with their professional association to use the title. The association believe that their members being qualified in a variety of techniques ensures that osteomyologists can adapt their treatment most effectively to the individual needs of each client/patient. They ensure all members are fully qualified, insured, that they continue to do continued professional development each year, and follow lawful, ethical guidelines.

Osteomyologists all come from a degree background in the health sciences and have further qualifications to ensure they can provide a vitalistic approach to care. Getting you back to health using a variety of manual therapy techniques which aim to reduce pain levels and maximise mobility and strength within the body. This is achieved by treating not just the symptoms, but the root cause of the problem and working to reduce the frequency and intensity, and where possible prevent the reoccurrence of future issues through wellbeing care.

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Osteomyology Initial Assessment & Treatment

1 Hour

For New Patients who have not visited the clinic for Osteopathy.



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Follow Up Treatment

30 Minutes

For patients who have visited the clinic before.


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